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mY: 218 mM: Khumba Sol:10

Time: 00:37 (Airy crater)

There are 2 major challenges for the humanity in closest 100-150 years. We double computing capability every 2-3 years. The first intelligent race in the Cosmos is to be met right on… Earth. Via sensor terminal or whatever will be connected to our brains… It is only a matter of short time when you will talk to an alien race. How the future may look like, what would be the AI’s limitations – you may look on tremendous book written by Isaac Asimov “I, Robot”.

The other challenge is manned Solar system exploration.

I think the era of outer space first encounter ends slowly. People will soon start industrial revolution beyond Earth.

So, let’s imagine, that humans have already landed on Mars. Their helmets will bear a large SpaceX or Bigelow sign, rather than the USA or 中国.

They will begin exploration phase, which may last 20-50 years. New bases will arise as other companies, countries would join the race. Newcomers from different corporations (and finally national programs as well) will start to develop their settlements: new cities.

Cities, that are going to be located in very hostile surrounding, punishing any small mistake with death. But in 2150 or later, they have to provide shelter, water, food and oxygen as a basis. But apart from that, modern urban creations will also have to be comfortable, social, sustainable and economically wise. Closed, isolated from the surrounding, cans that uphold all human activities intact.

I believe that, the dialogue inspired by diversity of subjects will shape human–centered solutions and will provide directions for further development.

Let’s see how economy and religion influent city plan. Isolated from nature, closed area must be deeply investigated to create best and most flexible conditions for growth.

Join me in this journey. Post comments, opinions and suggestions of subjects. #cityonmars