Mars economy 2

mY: 218 mM: Kumbha Sol:18 Time: 18:51 (Airy crater)

Watching lately many arising news on asteroid mining, I started to think on possible City income sources.

It is obvious that spending tremendous amount of money to build, populate and maintain the City the investors would like to receive some return. The more income types and more profitable they are the more likely people are to develop the future of the Mars and further on – other moons and planets.

Mining and transporting the ore is economically unwise. Transport to Earth costs overwhelm any possible income. The mining on Mars surface must serve only local purposes.

So, I think there must be some exported goods that will help to bargain with Earth and all mining companies around Asteroid belt.

So, in my opinion major earn will be based on:

  • Asteroid mining (competitive to Earth’s companies)

  • Ore processing (possibly in orbital base rather the city itself)

  • Science experiments and patents

  • Tourism

  • Luxury goods produced (like wine, vodka or selected plants or animals).

On the other hand, if you strip all of processes, activities and even behavior - it is all about the energy. Any activity requires it.

Possibly the export will base on monetized products of energy use, but internal economy can be based on simple exchange of energy values.

There are many samples of closed communities that used barter instead of currency. This can do the trick as soon as the City is mostly isolated. But when we hope for a vivid exchange place - money will need to be introduced.

Possibly Mars will be a tax free zone – that will engage large funds to be transferred and kept.

Both assumptions do not exclude each other. First phase may be the barter one, the more developed phase will definitely require the currency.

Awaiting your thoughts

S.A.M. p.s.: 😊 What I am sure – is that Elon Musk’s face will be on one of the banknotes in 2150…







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