Mars economy

mY: 218 mM: Khumba Sol:13

Time: 22:03 (Airy crater)

Elon Musk lately resumed the cost of a city on Mars answering (…/status/1159961700210225153) to Mars Khtronauts assumptions of possible cargo to be transferred.

The amount of money is huge and unlikely to be real to gather and invested without political and economical control of wealthiest nations.

I see no such force that may drive the Earth’s nations to spend 10 trillion USD, having so many unsolved problems on our mother planet.

It has to be a step-by-step money supply with a time-reasonable return gain. Properly distributed among those who invested in.

Would that be corporations or countries – is a matter of balance between private and national initiative. Now, we face a shift from governmental into private financing.

Yet – the history says – whenever the politicians can free-gather what was worshipped by others- they are very keen to do that.

So, the real decision maker on Mars city hall is going to be an overgrown corporation conglomerate representatives or rather democratic council chosen among habitants?

What are possible income sources of future cities on Mars?

To whom Mars citizens are going to pay taxes and for what guaranteed services?

Is it going to be a breathable air and drinkable water only?

Awaiting your thoughts.








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