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mY: 218 mM: Pisces Sol:02 TIme: 06:55 (Airy crater)

They key goal in space exploration is to stay where you have arrived. To maintain that people must adapt. So, let’s imagine that space exploration eventually changed somehow the ethical approach to human body modifications.

I see a few possibilities (let’s say: regulated ones) on the way human body may be adapted.

First direction is the most controversial one – genetical modifications. The researches require many human sacrifices which are not accepted by standard ethical standards of modern world. Chinese exploration in this matter meets wide international criticism. In my opinion it should be a matter of 10-20 years when 3D bio printers will be developed and serious barrier will vanish.

The other one can be cybernetics, biomechanics. I see this solution as a must be for short term Mars (the Moon, Solar system bases as well) attendance. Exchange of parts of the body into mechanical / biomodified ones will be necessary for long-term stay.

Possibly even full transfer to new body is to be conducted. We may end-up as brains put into androids withstanding the gravity conditions – avatar type. In fact, while such transfer is possible - we will need no terraforming at all. We will be able to live in radiated, low gravity environment. All you need to develop is how to transfer and protect the brain. Eventually we may become immortal… What I would exclude is pure remote exploration of space with avatars. The time delay makes that impossible to be efficient.

Depending on style you like, you may choose the method, to be adapted. Tomorrow you fly to the Moon - you need legs Armani type 2M. 34 days after you land on Mars – you must have legs Armani 3C.

For those who can’t afford that Standard Android All environments type will be left…

Anyway…Try to imagine how many new fashion possibilities it may arise!

Awaiting your thoughts.

p.s. I think I got too far into the future. In the year 2150 there will be less possibilities – cybernetics I think will be the most convenient way. Genetic modifications are not that flexible – only for nationalists.

p.s.2. Term Kumbha- see Darian Calendar Wiki

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