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mY: 218 mM: Mina Sol:06 Time: 08:16 (Airy crater)

Newcomers, fresh citizens of the city will be selected among others, based on their achievements and education level. Their task will be to start, support and develop the infrastructure of the root of the city. As it will be growing, the more people will come. Still highly selected.

While comfortably settled the beginners will start new families. Parallelly more and more new people will come – possibly not so high profiled. I hardly imagine that the city will be consisted of 20 thousand geniuses. Ordinary people will finally outnumber those top trained. So – in order not to lose the knowledge and experience – it must be transferred.

Remark: I omit the subject of basic training of survival on Mars and in the city – I find this obvious, that such training courses must be organized on Earth and further practice on Mars. I can not imagine that incoming people do not know how to operate breathing air valve in the external suit. This is a short-term learning, which may be organized just at the Cosmo port premises. The issue is long term education system – which has influence on city plan and organization.

I see at least two major direction to do so. First is a full education path, starting from kindergartens till university degrees. Depending of the demand or rather programmed growth of the population education centers must be created. I imagine, that first 20-30 years will be lacking of many kids. So, the kindergartens and schools would be rather a minor facilities located near the residential areas. Further population advance will require more and more facilities connected with small humans (playgrounds, amusement parks, even... skateparks, true forests, aquaparks).

In the beginning (timeframe 20-30 years I believe) youngsters and students will prevail in the learning facilities. Those must be then already profiled, filling heads with common knowledge on the basic level – focusing on very specific skills required by the city to survive.

I also believe that there will be no possibility to learn all 5-6 days a week. I think that since 15-16 years of age – any citizen must devote some of the time for work. Not always heavy one but useful to the community and the city itself (understood here as a technical complex).

Another very true idea is that any human being must be evaluated on the best possible usefulness to the community at the earliest stage possible. Sometimes it will not be the best personal development path. But it would be the best for the city. I hope that as the city will grow, the more choices and profiling will arise… Possible... with a city of 100-500 ths. people.

I also see the analogy to our present situation. The dreamers lead the humanity for outer space, but in fact the technicians, engineers do the thing. Still no poets or artists are required. Same will be with the Mars colonization. Hard, technical work firstly, then higher fillings may be taken into consideration. Firstly we must meet the basic needs, then we may think of philosophy, poems and arts. I hope no one will ever forget that in future cities on Mars and other asteroids. Survival is the root of existence, but higher emotions make us humans at the end.

Once profiling happens, the division into smaller groups is required. Finally each member must find himself in a mentoring program to develop and polish particular skills: mentor - protégé connection. When the specific (KNWOLEDGE) is passed via everyday work.

I must mention the interesting idea of guilds passed to me by “Twardowsky” team. It concludes that each city specializes in something and trade with others for mutual survival and development. I would rather transfer this idea into smaller, city scale. This would help diverse the population and their interest. But would require more facility types making the city more expensive to build and slower to grow in the beginning. This obvious minus will be compensated by diversification of interests – finally rising development rate. As per analogia – democracies on Earth are much more advanced than dictatures.

Other interesting issue is - WHO is going to teach numbers of young Martians? Would it be a number of teachers or rather a bunch of AI-ed robots (so the humans may be involved in other actions requiring more creativity than AI may give).

So – please help me gather any facilities you would like to see in the city – to conduct proper education process - concerning not only simple lecturing halls, but also recreation and learning facilities. How do you imagine Mars school?

Awaiting your comments


p.s. Today is a National Day of Education in Poland… There are some teachers, I am grateful that, I had a chance to meet… One, is still inspiring me, after almost 25 years…In deep regards, I hereby dedicate this article to her....(althoug this is a small sand stone on the beach of my respect and gratefulness).

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