mY: 218 mM: Kumbha Sol:25 TIme: 09:29 (Airy crater) While exploring the space, travelling to planets, moons, asteroid we must understand. It is impossible to get exact conditions as on Earth. People must adapt and evolve if humanity is to explore the universe and location requires its own set of changes

As our mother planet led our biological evolution to the point we are now. We like the way we look. But the further humanity will go, the more changes would be required to our biology. Changes that will be developed in many directions at the same time. In a few hundred years diversity will be huge. Maybe being pure human will be a privilege or opposite: a disfunction?

In my opinion the only aspect humanity would not be able manage technically is the gravity (even terraforming is now widely discussed and considered as possible).

Mars’ gravity is only 38% of Earth’s one. This means, that all the aspects of long-term stay in space will take place – but slower. People on Mars will experience atrophy of organs, muscles leading to their faster death. They may of course conduct many exercises. On the other hand: try to imagine 20 thousand people pedaling every day for 2-3 hours. Unreal.

Adaptation must go much deeper.

As for today we are instructed by many religions, ethic systems not to conduct any modifications to saint subject: the human body. I can understand this approach: uncontrolled research and modifications may lead to degenerations.

Now, even discussions on possible changes are seen as unethical and violating natural order of things. But to conduct spatial expansion we must also proceed with mind development – new ethical approach. What should be allowed, what should be banned?

The courage to explore requires the courage to develop the approach.

Awaiting your thoughts.


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