I am an architect. I love Mars.

For more than 20 years I have been working with complex buildings for public use.

They are small cities that must provide maximum comfort and optimally serve their purpose.

This blog reflects my thoughts on future cities development on Mars. 
Although Mars is one of the first steps on space colonization, I belive it may be the most important one. The next development of human race will base on experience gainded there. 

Assuming multidisciplinary effort of social and engineering sciences I want to create foundations for future home on Mars. 
So I am going to investigate the ethical, political and economical impact on technical

solutions (and vice versa) on design and safety of future cities.


I believe that, the dialogue inspired by diversity of subjects will shape human–centered

solutions and will provide directions for development.

Nevertheless, wI am far away from claiming to have final answers on all disciplines.
My aim is to light the spark of creation of a new world.

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Let’s build together our city on Mars.

Szymek Matkowski

Credits and special thanks to:

Ann Terskikh - main logotype

Michał Moroz - Our city on Mars view

Mariusz T. Kłoda - comments and ideas

Gavron - support

JJ - place to write